Ifeloju local council development area was created in august 2016. It was carved out of the Saki East Local Government Area. This was consequent upon the creation of local council development areas out of the existing local government areas of the state by the then Government.

Ifeloju LCDA comprises of two [2] principal towns namely: Ogbooro [The LCDA Headquarters]and Agbonle with several villages ,hamlets and settlements. Each of these principal towns has a paramount monarch viz . The Onisanbo of Ogbooro and the Iba of Agbonle. The council has 3 ward areas, [ward 01] at Agbonle, while ward 4 and 5 are located at Ogbooro . The people of the area are mainly Yorubas and the topography and terrain of the area allow for a favorable weather and atmospheric condition which necessitate farming activities such as planting of food and cash crops like yam, maize, soya beans , cassava , cashew. e.t.c.

Tourism :The head quarters of the local council development area ,Ogbooro, is a tourist attraction town surrounded by hills ,notable ones among which are : Iya Sigo , Obawole , Oke –Ekun , Oke Apata Ire , Osongo Songo , Saafo , Isia , Omola , e.t.c.